Lucky if you end up here!” Another TripAdvisor ( member )Traveler Rating

Another TripAdvisor ( member )Traveler Rating: Trip Watch: Kamphaeng Phet by one of the Trip Advisor’s travelers had commented as follows: Lucky if you end up here!” Scenic Riverside Resort Thailand Oct 20, 2009 | Trip type: Couples I would love to write a long review and this short one is long overdue. This is a secret gem that you don't really want to reveal to others, but the owner "T" is such a lovely host that you want him to do well, so you feel like you have to tell it like it is. As others have said here is is a magical place, completely unexpected in this out of the way small sleepy town. Also the cook made one of the best deep fried fish with fried garlic ever! I thought we would be able to go back and revisit but life has been too hectic so we hope to get here again within the next year. I hear that the city of Kampaeng Phet is a recommended destination to partake in the beautiful Loy Krathong Festival held all over Thailand in early November. See the Tourism Authority of Thailand for more details about that.

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